As the oldest streetcar suburb in Charlotte, Dilworth is a community of old homes with new owners. However, unlike other areas where turnover is just part of the age game, this neighborhood keeps up with its roots, banking its popularity on its locally praised traditions.

One of these, the Dilworth Home Tour, has been keeping Dilworth running for decades and doesn’t have an endpoint in sight, known and loved by both residents and visitors of the Charlotte area. Every year, generous Dilworth homeowners open their historic residences for tours to raise money to keep quaint Dilworth alive. Though a small tour may seem quite simple, this longstanding tradition, held in late September, takes hundreds of volunteers, including local florists who work with each individual homeowner to design arrangements for their home showcase.

Just past their tree-lined streets and into Latta Park, the neighborhood holds Dilworth Jubilee which, next to the Home Tour, draws quite the community crowd. Like many of the neighboring towns’ festivals, this event has crafts, games, and food to spare, but it also has something unique: history. As the oldest community festival in Charlotte, the Dilworth Jubilee distinguishes the quiet neighborhood much like its celebrated architecture does.

Though these two events put Dilworth on the map, its tiny, community-driven traditions really display the allure of this little pocket. Hosting wine and cheese nights twice a year for neighborhood newcomers and setting out lanterns at dusk on Christmas Eve make up a few of the local favorites that keep Dilworth a close-knit community.

With all of the small-town events happening in Dilworth, Charlotteans keep their streets busy with incoming traffic. Old but proud, small but fun, Dilworth residents know how to keep the interest in this little Charlotte corner brewing.

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