Top 5 Restaurants in Dilworth to Visit on Thanksgiving

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Top 5 Restaurants in Dilworth to Visit on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is on its way, which means lots of family time and delicious food! However, if you’re not much of a pro in the kitchen then you might be worrying about providing a great turkey dinner. Fear not! Just outside of Uptown, an area known as the “oldest streetcar suburb” is also home to various high-end restaurants. This Thanksgiving, why not change things up and have someone else do the cooking?

Here is the list of top 5 restaurants to visit in Dilworth by Tripadvisor.

 1. Zen Asian Fusion
This fusion restaurant has been getting some great reviews from guests, with a recent visitor gushing “Love this. Locally-owned and run but 5-star food”. The restaurant has its roots in both modern and traditional techniques with a colorful menu that gets its flavors from all over the map. If you’re looking for a serious fusion of flavors for your palate, Zen Asian Fusion offers dishes from Spain and Japan to Vietnam, China and Thailand!

Zen Asian Fusion,Dilworth Homes for Sale,Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina

 2. Mac’s Speed Shop
If you’re looking for a great place that knows how to handle a BBQ, then Mac’s Speed Shop might be the place for you! Reviewers have praised this little dive as the “best BBQ in town” and guests have gushed about their signature mac and cheese. This is definitely a stop for the whole family, with lots of options for children and adults alike. Looking for a place to go after a long day of work? Mac’s Speed Shop also offers a wide range of brews for their clients to choose from. Their signature brand is “Mac’s Sauces”, which is a family recipe.

Mac's Speed Shop,Dilworth Homes for Sale,Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina

3. 300 East

With over 301 reviews, this popular restaurant serves American and international cuisines. A review from Jacksonville, FL gave the restaurant 4 stars and boasted about the Fall Salad, which he says was one of the best salads he had had in a long time. With 25 years in the business, this family-owned establishment offers casual dining and a personable experience for the whole family.

 300 East,Dilworth Homes for Sale,Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina
4. Dresslers Restaurant

Some of the most recent reviews for Dresslers Restaurant included 5 star ratings and comments such as “Great views, excellent meal.” and “Great venue for a birthday dinner!”. This restaurant is of cozy niche between casual and upscale. They offer catering and private parties and a wide range of comfort foods from French Onion Soup and Lobster Tails to Mac & Cheese and a signature of Joan Dressler, the “Mom’s New York Cheesecake”. Those adults looking to indulge in a beverage can also enjoy Dressler’s list of wines and beers and champagnes including Veuve Clicquot and more.

 Dresslers Restaurant,Dilworth Homes for Sale,Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina

5. Sullivan’s Steakhouse

If you are craving a nice piece of steak this might be the perfect place to dine! Visitors have been happy to share 5 star ratings for this establishment, boasting about delicious crab cakes, calamari and egg rolls. Sullivan’s is proud to offer a dining experience unlike any other with bright flavors, smoky barbecue options and international options as well. Their signature plate includes hand cut steaks, fresh seafood and signature cocktails to go with their live music.

Sullivan's Steakhouse,Dilworth Homes for Sale,Thanksgiving 2016,North Carolina

There are lots of great restaurants that you don’t want to miss on your visit to Dilworth! If you’re looking for that new Thanksgiving experience, be sure to check out one of these great establishments that will surely cater to the whole family.

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