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Homeowners: 8 Must-Try Color Combinations to Sell

Finding the right colors for a home can be a very challenging task for some homeowners. Many will second guess themselves many times, bringing home multiple paint chips and never being able to make a decision. It can be especially difficult if homeowners are trying to choose colors for an entire home, as opposed to just one room!

The following suggestions will help you get inspired with an array of color schemes to choose from. From classic blues to enticing bright color pairings, there is bound to be a color combination that will spark your interest.

1. Blue & Sand

If you have a connection with the sea or the coast, you can introduce a sophisticated beach theme with this pairing. You’ll feel as though the beach was right outside your window! You might also consider adding a touch of orange and some bold accessories to add a modern appeal.

Blue Color Paint

2. Black & White

This is a classic color combination. House Beautiful explains that these two colors bring out sophistication and timeless appeal, and you can use the from the bathroom to the bedroom. The colors are certainly not boring- no matter whether they’re in the kitchen, hallway or closet!

black and white paint, home interior

3. Bright Red & Yellow

While red and yellow colors may sound like you’re creating a circus theme, this pairing can actually make quite a pretty statement in a home. Adding these colors to statement pieces and furniture might surprise you with some high gloss lacquer style. House Beautiful, designer Jesse Carrier says, it appears that the furniture is candy coated.

bright red and bright yellow paint, home interior

Consider keeping walls and counter tops white, and allowing the two colors to really pop throughout.

4. Red & Turquoise

Houzz says that red and turquoise are a case of opposites attracting. The red appears to be cooled down by the watery turquoise, creating more of a balanced, warm vibe. This can be a great color combination for guest rooms, and looks very fresh when paired with black and white accents. A touch of some interesting shapes and luxe fabrics will complete the look.

red and turquoise paint, home interior

5. Emerald Green & White

Emerald green has been explored by so many interior designers since it was named Pantone Color of the Year. Some homeowners may stray from something so bold, but when it is done right emerald green can be soothing or cottagey and goes well with other hues.

emerald green and white paint, home interior

6. Metallic & White

Metal pairs well with a lot of colors, but white tends to be the very best. With this combination the contrast is clear, but created a soothing synergy that brings out the best of both.

white and metallic paint, home interior

7. Blue & White

Blue is a very versatile color, and it is a great starting point for decorating. Blue can exude an ambiance of being moody, traditional, flirty, contemporary and even cottagey. Much of its ambiance will be created by the shade you choose and where it is being used. If you want a Greek-style inspiration, consider painting the walls white and the ceiling blue!

blue and white paint, home interior

Do a little layering with textures and patterns and you’ll create a very glamorous space that guests will certainly enjoy.

8. Greige & Beige

Not every homeowner is looking for pops of color, and a neutral palette can sometimes bring out the best in your style. Homeowners who have beautiful views will certainly want to consider greige and beige to allow the view to do all the talking- keep the color palette subdued with a variety of textures to give a modern, subtle look.

greige and beige paint, home interior

Are you thinking of upgrading your home? You can do just that by choosing the right kind of color- especially when you want to sell your home! The current market is experiencing high demand and low inventory, so now is a great time to re-vamp your home and choose some new color combinations to reflect the times.

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